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Bake Out Oven

Prepare cylinders for specialty gas service

The Precision Bake Out Oven is an efficient means for prepping cylinders for Specialty Gas pure gas grades of 99.999% purity levels or better because it removes moisture from cylinders being put into service. The system uses a cycle of heat, vacuum and purge gas to remove any moisture. Unlike other models in the market that try to heat the unit like an oven, our system directly heats the cylinders using radiant heaters. As a result, the outer shell does not need to be insulated; no blankets or covers needed.

The Bake Out Oven comes standard in an automated 6 or 12 cylinder unit model. We also offer the option of adding up to three purge gas valves allowing the ability to pipe argon, helium, and nitrogen and use the same purge gas that the cylinder will use for service.

The cylinder manifold is manufactured out of all welded 2” stainless steel pipe and is available with flexible metal stainless steel pigtail hoses for cylinder connections using high integrity face seal fittings. A vacuum pump is provided with the vacuum piping. It comes with an o-ring seal vacuum flange connector and a 2” diaphragm seal high vacuum isolation valve.

Transducers monitor the vacuum, cylinder wall temperature, oven temperature, and purge pressure. The unit will also sound alarms if the vacuum is taking too long, overheating, or has no purge gas available.

Features & Benefits

  • Access doors for loading/unloading cylinders are provided on each side of the unit with no ramps to roll up and down
  • Available in 6 or 12 cylinder models
  • 2” stainless steel header piping, all welded
  • Operator interface screen with PLC for full automatic control of entire bake out process
  • Pigtails are metal flex hoses with VCR fitting welded fittings
  • Automatic valves are provided for vacuum pump isolation, purge gas (up to 3), and vent
  • Each unit is shipped fully assembled as a skid package and comes pre-tested.

Automated Mode of Operation

The automated bake-out cycle is controlled by a PLC with an operator touchscreen interface. The operator can pre-set the parameters of the bake-out process, which includes
  • Cylinder temperature set point
  • Vacuum (microns) set point
  • Vacuum hold time
  • Purge gas hold time
  • The number of cycles (vent, vacuum, purge)
  • End under purge or vacuum

Manual Mode of Operation

A number of functions can be performed in the manual mode including
  • Heating the cylinders and maintain the cylinder temperature set point
  • Pulling a continuous vacuum on the cylinders
  • Opening the purge valve to put purge gas in the cylinders
  • Venting the purge gas from the cylinders

The manual mode of operation is particularly useful to pre-bake the cylinders. When cylinders are grossly contaminated with moisture, whether new or recently hydrostatically tested, it is recommended that the cylinders be “pre-baked” to prevent the excessive water from fouling the vacuum pump oil. This process is not automatic so it must be performed using in manual mode.

Vent and Evacuation System

Easy to use. Quick to install.

The vent and evacuation system is used to prepare the cylinders for processing prior to going to the blend cell. It includes a control panel, linear manifold and vacuum pump system. Delivered assembled and ready to go, all you need to do is uncrate the unit, position it in place, anchor it to the floor and connect it to the existing plumbing.

Features & Benefits

  • Efficiently preps cylinders for blending
  • Pigtails are metal flex hoses with VCR fitting welded fittings
  • Durable, powder coated frame
  • Valves are provided for vent, purge and vacuum
  • Each unit is shipped assembled, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested
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