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University Schedule

  • March 14 - 16 Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • March 16 - 18 Basic Gas Chromatography
  • June 13 - 15 Advanced Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • June 15 - 17 Advanced Gas Chromatography
  • September 12 - 14 Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • September 14 - 16 Basic Gas Chromatography

Complete Automation For Your Facility

At Precision Specialty Gas Products we provide more than just the latest Spec Gas Lab technology, innovations and long-term support; we also makes products that look and function so well they sell themselves. Each of these automation tools will increase productivity in your facility.

Intuitive Automated Specialty Gas Technology

The Sur-Fill iQ-s Automatic Specialty Gas Gravimetric Fill System puts automated technology at your fingertips. This easy to use system has touch screen technology that guides you through the specialty gas filling process, providing greater productivity and accuracy.

All four models (Inert, Oxidizer, Flammable, Reactive) include an isolation cabinet, scale, orbital manifold, and touch screen technology. Installation, start-up and training for each system is quick and easy.

Sur-Fill iQ-s is capable of producing mixtures (from up to 10 source gases) from percent down to ppm concentrations, and up to and including EPA Protocol gases. Our Sur-Fill iQ-s system is integrated with AsteRisk’s Specialty Gas Manager software program.

Features & Benefits
  • Unlimited number of recipes can be stored with up to 10 source gas supply stations
  • Intuitive HMI touch screen with self prompting features
  • Produces ultra-consistent mixtures
  • Is less dependent on operators’ actions for highly reliable mixtures
  • Uses significantly less labor to produce highly accurate mixtures
  • Runs unattended after the cylinders are connected and the mixture recipe is selected
  • Includes audio prompting throughout the process
  • Features remote monitoring capability and support
  • Includes a start up and power loss recovery validation mode
  • All components are orbital welded or VCR connections (Oxygen is socket weld Monel)
  • Valves are diaphragm type pneumatically actuated stainless steel (Oxygen is mechanically sealed Monel/brass)
  • Static or dynamic vacuum
  • Performs pigtail deflection test prior to producing each mixture
  • Remote operation and/or remote viewing keeps track of pressure and service cylinder contents
  • Integrated with AsteRisk’s Specialty Gas Manager software program:
    • – Generates recipes for complex mixtures (%, PPM, PPB)
    • – Automatically transfers to filling system software including pre-fill and post fill (vacuum, purge) procedures
    • – Produces DOT, FDA, OSHA AND CGA compliant cylinder labels
    • – Performs post fill component calculations (actual)
    • – Produces Certificates of Analysis
  • Each unit is shipped fully assembled and comes pre-tested

Choose from four different models; Inert, Flammable, Reactive or Oxidizer


Inert Model
  • Designed for inert gas service
  • Oxidizers are limited to 500 PSI
  • 580 and 590 CGA connections are used for USA units
Flammable Model
  • Designed for flammable and inert gas service
  • 580 and 350 CGA connections are used for USA units
  • The included Sartorius 150 kg x 0.1g gravimetric scale and 0-4000 PSIG pressure transmitter are rated (explosion proof) for this model
  • Features a purge assembly designed specifically for putting an inert gas purge into the electrical enclosure mounted on the cabinet to prevent the possibility of a fire hazard
  • Please note, with this model, the console must be located outside the rated room
Oxidizer Model
  • Designed for oxidizer and inert gas service
  • 580 and 590 CGA connections are used for USA units
  • All processed filling components such as valves, check valves, etc. are made out of either brass or monel
  • All process piping is made out of monel
  • Brass and/or monel is used due to its great compatibility with high pressure oxygen
Reactive/Corrosive Model
  • Designed for reactive/corrosive and inert gas service
  • 580, 350 and 660 CGA connections are used for USA units
  • The included Sartorius 150 kg x 0.1g Gravimetric Scale and 0-4000 PSIG pressure transmitter are rated (explosion proof) for this model
  • Features a purge assembly designed specifically for putting an inert gas purge into the electrical enclosure mounted on the cabinet to prevent the possibility of a fire hazard
  • The hood on this model has an extension on the sides of the cabinet, PVC curtain strips along the entire edge of the hood and a 10” vent port for an exhaust duct with fan to be connected to (duct and fan not included). All these design features ensure that any possible gas leaks are safely contained, directed and released through the duct above the hood.
  • Please note, with this model, the console must be located outside the rated room
Components common in every model
  • Up to (10) supply gases with double block & bleed
  • Max. service pressure 3045 PSIG MAWP
  • Pneumatic actuated diaphragm packless valves used for gas supplies, vent, vacuum and (3) fill valves utilizing critical orifices for varying flow requirements
  • Check Valve – 10 PSI cracking pressure with VCR end connections
  • 0-4000 PSIG pressure transmitter, 0.1% FSA
  • Pirani vacuum gauge with O-ring flange connection for micron readings
  • ¼” or 1/8” rigid stainless steel leads
  • Individual pneumatically operated cylinder isolation valves on leads
  • 6 or 10 cylinder 316 stainless steel orbital manifold
  • All units with CGA 580 fittings supplied for connecting to target cylinders
  • Powder coated, load centering base with stainless steel sartorius 150 kg x 0.1g high accuracy scale
  • Source gas cylinder storage rack built into base
  • Pneumatics filter/regulator and solenoid valves
  • Interconnection piping made of ” x 0.035” wall 316 stainless steel tubing (with the exception of the oxidizer model which used monel tubing instead)
    • – Where possible connections are orbitally welded with VCR end connections
  • Operator console with HMI touch screen, keyboard and mouse, printer and audible speaker
Safety features common in every model
  • All process piping has been hydrostatically tested to 5250 PSIG
  • The Swagelok pneumatic valves, and check valves have been cleaned by Swagelok per: ASTM G93, practice for cleaning methods and cleanliness levels for material and equipment used in oxygen- enriched environments
  • All piping components manufactured by Precision Specialty Gas Products (PSGP) have been cleaned for oxygen service per: PSGP oxygen cleaning procedure # PSMB-O2 CLEAN
  • Every morning, when logged into, the system performs an integrity check prior to starting the
  • Relief valves are installed for over pressure protection fill process. This is to check the entire system, making sure there are no leaks in the common piping.

Specialty Gas Manager

The latest version of AsteRisk’s Specialty Gas Manager Software is downloaded into every Sur-Fill iQ-s model. The Specialty Gas Manager assists your operations and sales personnel with

Mixture Recipes

It applies safe mixture making procedures, which have been developed from years of specialty gas mixture experience (vapor pressure limitation, BTU/ LEL limitation, compatibility, etc.). It recommends the CGA outlet, hydrotest frequency and eligibility for 10% overfill. It is also customizable to prohibit certain gases or conditions (fuel/oxidizer, etc.). PPM mixtures are automatically calculated using base (dilution) mixtures.

Post Fill Mixture Calculator

This utility assists you in calculating the concentration of the mixture from the actual grams added on the scale. The data is entered once and available to other modules (labels, recipe, etc.).

Mixture Label Generation
You select the gases in the mixture and the labels module prints a medical or industrial label with the following:
  • DOT shipping diamonds
  • CAS ID numbers
  • DOT proper shipping name
  • UN number
  • OSHA, DOT and FDA warnings
  • Your address, logos, etc.
Sales Quotation Tool

This module recommends a mixture price based on the gases in the mixture, technician labor, cylinder maintenance costs, materials costs, delivery costs, desired margin, etc. It facilitates a consistent pricing strategy, which protects your margin.

System Settings

The Specialty Gas Manager is highly configurable to your specific needs. Your preferences are entered into the system settings. Your company logo, fill procedures, units of measure, cylinder preferences, labor/gas cost assumptions, print preferences, etc. are easily entered and can be modified. In addition, system information including validation certificate, upgrade history, etc., is displayed.

  • Spec-gas-fill-2
  • Spec-gas-fill-3
  • Spec-gas-fill-4
  • Spec-gas-fill-1

Bake Out Oven Automation

The Precision Bake Out Oven is an efficient means for prepping cylinders for Specialty Gas pure gas grades of 99.999% purity levels or better because it removes moisture from cylinders being put into service. The system uses a cycle of heat, vacuum and purge gas to remove any moisture. Unlike other models in the market that try to heat the unit like an oven, our system directly heats the cylinders using radiant heaters. As a result, the outer shell does not need to be insulated; no blankets or covers needed.

Automated Mode of Operation

The automated bake-out cycle is controlled by a PLC with an operator touchscreen interface. The operator can pre-set the parameters of the bake-out process, which includes
  • Cylinder temperature set point
  • Vacuum (microns) set point
  • Vacuum hold time
  • Purge gas hold time
  • The number of cycles (vent, vacuum, purge)
  • End under purge or vacuum

> For more information on the Bake Out Oven, click here

  • Bake-out-oven-2
  • Bake-out-oven-1

Cylinder Inverter Automation

Precision’s Automated Inverters have an operator touchscreen interface with PLC for full automatic control of the entire mixing process. This model comes standard with a light beam activated perimeter safety barrier to help prevent accidental injuries.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
  1. Select the desired number of Cycles and the Index Time Setpoint (the duration of time, in seconds, that the inverter will hold in the inverted or home position before continuing the cycle).
  2. Press the Start button (you can leave it to run on it’s own). A green light is on during normal operation.
  3. Once the Cycle Setpoint is achieved, an audible alarm is heard and the green light is turned off. The system remains energized in the home position for unloading and reloading of cylinders.

A typical session runs between 15-40 minutes depending on the blend density ratio.

Features & Benefits
  • 120 Volt AC 5 Amp service
  • Comes with light tower and an alarm to alert the operator:
    • – Which stage the system is in, including completion
    • – If the Emergency Stop button has been engaged
    • – If there is an issue with the safety barrier
    • – If there is pneumatic pressure in the system below 75 psi.
  • Inverter-1
  • Inverter-2

Pneumatic Controlled Models (for Rated Areas)

Precision’s Pneumatic Controlled Inverter operation allow for the adjustment of inverting travel time, inverted and home position hold time, and setting of the predetermined number of cycles to invert before automatically stopping in the home position.

Features & Benefits
  • Home/Run SelectorToggle switch that allows pilot air to flow to the system controls, allowing the actuation of the inverting frame. Home holds the inverting frame in the home position. Run allows the system to continuously invert.
  • Predetermined Pneumatic CounterCounts the number of cycles that have been completed and sends an output signal to stop the inverter in the home position once the preset number of cycles have been achieved.
  • Emergency Stop ButtonsPush button that turns off airflow to the system and vents the line pressure in the system. If the Emergency Stop is engaged, the system will depressurize all controls (The inverting frame will slowly return to a balanced pivot point.)

> For more information on the cylinder inverter, click here

Programmable Automated Sampling System

Provide a new level of automation for specialty gas production with P.A.S.S. (Programmable Automated Sampling System), our revolutionary system that automatically samples and records a number of analyses simultaneously and with certainty. The PASS system will automate the analysis with any instrument that has an output signal that includes a reporting system. It will also initiate the sampling process to any gas chromatograph.

A uniform, consistent result with unattended, conducted analyses can be achieved with a PASS system in your facility. One of the game-changing benefits includes the ability to perform analysis during off work hours. This feature, along with many other benefits, will help relieve bottlenecks for certain operations where the analysis is holding up the shipment of cylinders. The overall results will significantly reduce labor costs per analysis.

A Customized System That Performs
The entire system and programming is customized to fit your specific analytical requirements. Included with the system:
  • Custom, sealed cabinet that houses the major components that make up the system
  • 16 port valve for each instrument that has a special flow-through rotor, custom designed specifically for PSGP.
  • An HMI touchscreen and keyboard
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Custom PLC
  • PASS Manager Software
Features & Benefits
  • Provide uniform, consistent analysis
  • Reduce lab analysis labor costs
  • Perform simultaneous analysis
  • Capture and record analytical data
  • The software has the ability to zero and span instruments with user inputted zero and standard gases that are ultimately stored into the system
    Includes the ability to enter test specifications with pass/fail criteria
  • The scheduler feature allows the user to edit serial numbers for the different sample locations, schedule multiple profiles to run and add lot numbers unique to the scheduled profiles
Proprietary Programming That Delivers

The PASS manager software gives the user the ability to program analysis profiles, calibrate the instruments, perform sampling on multiple instruments simultaneously and create printed reports. The system is controlled by a PLC using proprietary programming by Precision Specialty Gas Products.  An HMI touchscreen is provided for operator interface with the system and gives operators the ability to choose between Auto and Manual mode.

This custom software consists of a combination of different screens that allow users to:
  • Auto mode run screen
  • Most recent zero and span gas data viewing
  • Zero and span entry done manually
  • Create and edit an unlimited amount of profiles
  • Add and edit calibration cylinders
  • Identify zero and standards
  • Add test specifications
  • Add serial numbers to the scheduler
  • Add profiles and lot numbers in the scheduler
  • View and print records

Note: The PASS manager software does not monitor or record data from any gas chromatograph; it only initiates the sample/calibration supply gas to the unit. Existing software packages such as ChromPerfect would still be used to operate and record the data.

> For more information on the Programmable Automated Sampling System, click here

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  • Analytical-lab-3
  • Analytical-lab-1