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University Schedule

  • March 14 - 16 Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • March 16 - 18 Basic Gas Chromatography
  • June 13 - 15 Advanced Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • June 15 - 17 Advanced Gas Chromatography
  • September 12 - 14 Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • September 14 - 16 Basic Gas Chromatography

Packaged Lab Sampling Systems

Make the sampling process operator friendly with one of our packaged labs. Each one is designed, manufactured, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at PSPG before we ship them out.

Three Layout Options
  • Analytical Wall-Mounted System for Lab Room Environments
    • – Easy access to instruments
    • – A more economical option than the cabinet models
    • – A wall-mounted lab can help you showcase a professional look to your customers
    • – Organized
    • – Allows room for expansion
  • Analytical Cabinet for Plant Floor Environments
    • – Specially equipped with fans, filters and vents to keep the instruments clean and cool
    • – A compact, sealed enclosure
    • – Ideal for a facility that has limited space and/or currently doesn’t have a designated lab area
  • Analytical Cabinet for Lab Room Environments
    • – For a climate controlled designated lab area
    • – Compact, space saving design

Features & Benefits

  • Closed piped system eliminates most make and break connections, reducing the possibility of contaminants in the system.
  • Each instrument has its own control panel for selecting purge, sample, or calibration gases.
  • Makes the sampling process more operator friendly
  • System designed to keep the instruments ready for use with constant purge when not in use.
  • Piping layout allows selection from one sample source to another to be performed within a matter of seconds.
  • Allows for sample to simultaneously go to more than one instrument at a time
  • Designed, built, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at PSGP before shipment
  • In our standard manual model, for each gas analysis, the operator will have the ability to manually select the zero, the span and the sample source for each instrument

Note: Does not have data recording capabilities

Available Options

  • Push Button Add On Feature
    • – For each gas analysis, the Operator will have the ability to manually select the zero, the span and then select the sample source for each instrument via push button interface
    • – This function allows the operator to electrically switch a sample source with a push of a button instead of physically disconnecting and reconnecting the line to the desired sample port.
    • – The push button feature is what triggers the 16 port Valco selector valve to connect the chosen source to sample source 1 or 2
    • – This is a higher integrity system due to 16 port Valco selector valve feature
  • Samples Racks or Regulator Stations
    • – Sample racks can be either single of double sided
    • – Regulator Stations for samples, calibration and support gases
    • – Designed, built, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at Weldcoa before shipment
Key Quote Questions
  • Interested in a wall-mounted or cabinet option
    If interested in a cabinet option is it a clean or dirty environment?
  • How many process instruments? [6 or 8 is standard]
  • Are you interested in the Push Button Add On Feature
  • Are you in need of Samples Racks
    How many are needed?
    4, 8 or 16 is standard
    Which Layout?
    Single sided or double sided
    Are you in need of Regulator Stations
  • How many regulators do you need?
    For samples, calibration and support gases?
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  • packaged-lab-1
  • packaged-lab-4

Programmable Automated Sampling System

Provide a new level of automation for specialty gas production with P.A.S.S. (Programmable Automated Sampling System), our revolutionary system that automatically samples and records a number of analyses simultaneously and with certainty. The PASS system will automate the analysis with any instrument that has an output signal that includes a reporting system. It will also initiate the sampling process to any gas chromatograph.

A uniform, consistent result with unattended, conducted analyses can be achieved with a PASS system in your facility. One of the game-changing benefits includes the ability to perform analysis during off work hours. This feature, along with many other benefits, will help relieve bottlenecks for certain operations where the analysis is holding up the shipment of cylinders. The overall results will significantly reduce labor costs per analysis.

A Customized System That Performs

The entire system and programming is customized to fit your specific analytical requirements. Included with the system:

  • Custom, sealed cabinet that houses the major components that make up the system
  • 16 port valve for each instrument that has a special flow-through rotor, custom designed specifically for PSGP.
  • An HMI touchscreen and keyboard
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Custom PLC
  • PASS Manager Software
Features & Benefits
  • Provide uniform, consistent analysis
  • Reduce lab analysis labor costs
  • Perform simultaneous analysis
  • Capture and record analytical data
  • The software has the ability to zero and span instruments with user inputted zero and standard gases that are ultimately stored into the system
  • Includes the ability to enter test specifications with pass/fail criteria
  • The scheduler feature allows the user to edit serial numbers for the different sample locations, schedule multiple profiles to run and add lot numbers unique to the scheduled profiles
Proprietary Programming That Delivers

The PASS manager software gives the user the ability to program analysis profiles, calibrate the instruments, perform sampling on multiple instruments simultaneously and create printed reports. The system is controlled by a PLC using proprietary programming by Precision Specialty Gas Products.  An HMI touchscreen is provided for operator interface with the system and gives operators the ability to choose between Auto and Manual mode.

This custom software consists of a combination of different screens that allow users to:

  • Auto mode run screen
  • Most recent zero and span gas data viewing
  • Zero and span entry done manually
  • Create and edit an unlimited amount of profiles
  • Add and edit calibration cylinders
  • Identify zero and standards
  • Add test specifications
  • Add serial numbers to the scheduler
  • Add profiles and lot numbers in the scheduler
  • View and print records

Note: The PASS manager software does not monitor or record data from any gas chromatograph; it only initiates the sample/calibration supply gas to the unit. Existing software packages such as ChromPerfect would still be used to operate and record the data.

The Cabinet: An Inert Environment At All Times

The PASS cabinet is a sealed enclosure that houses the major components that make up the system. This enclosure is independent from the PLC and HMI touchscreen. The enclosure is supplied with 24-volt low voltage power. The enclosure is set for nitrogen purge to keep an inert environment at all times. The PASS cabinet also has two vent lines; one is for the purge relief and one is for the sample gases downstream of the many valves.

Inside the cabinet, each instrument has a valco selector valve that allows the user to select the sample source to be sent to the different instruments of the system. Each valve has a special flow-through rotor, custom designed specifically for PSGP. The rotor allows gas to flow-through from the 16 inlet ports to the 16 outlet ports when a specific gas port is required to run to an instrument(s). The port is selected and the rotor allows the gas inlet to be diverted to both the outlet and the common outlet. This operation does not disrupt the other 15 inlets and outlets that are part of this individual valve.

Individual gas lines can run in a series to multiple valco valves allowing one or multiple instruments to use that same gas flow simultaneously. This functionality saves a significant amount of time and labor.

Built in Safety Features

The PASS cabinet has been designed with a nitrogen purge system to prevent possible hazardous atmospheres from occurring inside the cabinet during operation. If any of the safety criteria is not met, the PLC recognizes the system is at fault and will cut the power in six seconds. During these 6 seconds, a set of security actions will occur, sending all mechanical components to their designated home positions.

Our cabinets mechanical and electrical development, wiring and installation are assembled at PSGP’s UL Certified, Aurora, Illinois facility. We are also an Authorized System Integrator for Mitsubishi Electric.

  • PASS-3a
  • PASS-2
  • PASS-3
  • PASS-5