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  • Specialty Gas Mixing
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Process Instrumentation
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University Schedule

  • March 14 - 16 Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • March 16 - 18 Basic Gas Chromatography
  • June 13 - 15 Advanced Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • June 15 - 17 Advanced Gas Chromatography
  • September 12 - 14 Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling
  • September 14 - 16 Basic Gas Chromatography

Complete Specialty Gas Solutions

Precision Specialty Gas Products (PSGP), a subsidiary of Weldcoa, is your one stop shop for the highest quality equipment and services for the production of specialty gases. Our products allow distributors to implement, upgrade, or add new capabilities to their existing facility.

We can help you prepare a budget, design a facility, manufacture the equipment, install the fill systems, train your people and support your business long term with proper documentation and validation of your equipment.


Precision University

PSGP University is a forum for providing centralized training and education on specialty gas filling.

The University is a service provided by Precison Specialty Gas Products, in partnership with AsteRisk. AsteRisk’s President Tom Badstubner is well known in the industry as an expert in speciatly gases.

The University’s focus is to certify participants in complete specialty gas filling using the 18,500 square foot facility in Aurora. The facility is set up with a completely functioning specialty gas filling facility complete with analytical equipment.

PSGP University’s curriculum addresses the need for proper education and training by developing skill sets in specialty gas filling through both classroom and hands-on instruction. The programs focus on all aspects of specialty gas filling and testing. Participants in the programs will be certified in mixing specialty gases, gas chromatography and process instrumentation. Basic and advanced seminars are available.